Range Rules/Re-CRO

The purpose of these rules is to provide maximum safety during the use of the Metacon Gun Club, Inc. facilities. This range is owned by the members of the Metacon Gun Club Inc., and is intended for the sole use of its members and their invited guests. Club facilities are open to the public for specific events only. It is also open to certain agencies as approved by the club members and the board of governors.

Beyond the specific range rules set out below all members, guests and other persons utilizing this facility are required to conduct themselves in a sportsman-like, civil, and legal manner. These rules apply to all individuals or groups using this facility. All new members must attend and successfully complete a Certified Range Officer Program (CRO) prior to being allowed access to either the outdoor or indoor range.

The CRO program includes classroom instruction and a written examination (open-book). New members must also pass an indoor range shooting test for safe gun handling and shooting skills assessment. All current members must also compete an online refresher course every 5 years. The purpose of our CRO program is to keep members up-to-date on all range rules. At the same time, the program reinforces the need for safety and good sportsmanship. New member classes are scheduled depending on need. Classes are held on either a Saturday, Sunday or occasional Friday evening providing members with flexibility in attending.

If a member cannot attend a program that member must notify the membership secretary at membership@metacongunclub.com in advance and ask to be rescheduled.

Note: Failure to attend a scheduled program can result in either the delay or suspension of membership privileges.